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Learning Ratpack


Learning Ratpack

Adding support for HTTP sessions to your Ratpack application is no different than adding any other optional framework dependency to your project. The ratpack-session dependency provides the module necessary to make the session constructs available to your code base. The Gradle build script in Example 11-1 demonstrates ...

Notice that it adds an extra trailing COMPUTE execution after the BLOCKING one Ratpack registered our Blocking call to notify an execution segment Promise on our original thread (ratpack-compute-1-6) when it was complete.

Rats like learning things and can pick up new tasks and remember them over time. This makes them quite easy to train using food treats and positive reinforcement. Teaching your rats some simple tasks and tricks can help keep these bright little rodents mentally stimulated.

io.ratpack:ratpack-core is a simple, capable, toolkit for creating high performance web applications.Affected versions of this package are vulnerable to Web Cache Poisoning. A user supplied X-Forwarded-Host header can be used to perform cache poisoning of a cache fronting a Ratpack server if the cache key does not include the X-Forwarded-Host header as a cache key. Users are only vulnerable if they do not configure a custom PublicAddress instance. 59ce067264


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