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[S1E9] Mr. Monk Takes A Vacation

[S1E9] Mr. Monk Takes A Vacation ===>

[S1E9] Mr. Monk Takes A Vacation

While entering the elevator to Galavan's penthouse and Jim was accompanied by a man sent there to repair a piano. Suddenly the man tries to kill him with piano wire, and the two intertwine in a violent battle until finally, Jim emerges victorious. After the fight, Gordon drags the man before Captain Barnes showing him the piano wire and confirming that he was a professional killer. Soon after, thanks to the video cameras the building, Gordon and Barnes are alerted to several armed men entering the lobby to finish the unfinished job of killing Gordon. The assassins managed to blow up the door and enter the room shooting, but the three policemen quickly manage to repel the assault and Jim kills his original assassin after he threatens the life of Officer Parks. Barnes immediately orders for them to evacuate for fear of a new wave of assassins, but Gordon refuses to leave believing that the evidence against Galavan could be destroyed if they left. Seeing something in a hole behind a painting Jim finds a monk's cassock. Suddenly, one of the killers gets up and attempts to attack Gordon with a knife to kill him, but Barnes comes between them and kills the attacker. Unfortunately, he receives a stab wound to his left leg that punctured an artery, which threatened to bleed out if moved. Later outside of Galavan Towers, the GCPD reinforcements arrived, but within seconds they are all killed by Flamingo. Seeing Flamingo on the cameras, Gordon decides to face down Flamingo Arriving outside, Gordon finds several police cars with their officers killed. Flamingo immediately appears armed with a chain and initiates a series of attacks against him. Jim moves fast and despite sustaining several blows, he lands several of his own. Eventually, after a series of well-aimed punches, Jim throws Flamingo to the ground and continues to beat him. Seeing the villain laugh, the detective takes a gun and puts it in his mouth. But with a cry of frustration, Gordon overcomes his inner darkness and does not kill Flamingo. At Leslie's apartment, Jim has informed of Officer Katherine Parks' death at the hands of Flamingo.[33] 59ce067264


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