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This is a PDF file that contains the second volume of the book Disegno Tecnico Industriale by Stefano Chirone and Emilio Tornincasa, two professors of engineering at the Politecnico di Torino. The book is a reference for students and professionals who want to learn the fundamentals and applications of technical drawing in the industrial field.

The book covers topics such as: geometric constructions, orthographic projections, axonometric projections, perspective drawings, dimensioning, tolerancing, surface roughness, sections, intersections, developments, gears, screws, springs, cams, linkages, mechanisms, welding symbols, piping symbols, electrical symbols, and more. The book also includes many examples and exercises to help the reader practice and test their skills.


The PDF file is available for download from various sources on the internet , but it is recommended to buy the original book from the publisher or a bookstore to support the authors and respect their intellectual property rights.

If you are interested in learning more about technical drawing and industrial design, this book is a valuable resource that you can use to improve your knowledge and skills.


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