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the wikipedia editing community has many different contributors from many different areas, with different degrees of expertise. the editors are writing the articles based on their knowledge, not on what the other editors believe. for example, consider that a wikipedia article about the bird symbol, being wikipedia editor, you are free to write that the bird symbol is a winged staff, shaped like a winged phœnix bird. however, you are simply not justified in claiming that this is a common name for the staff, as it has not been established by consensus. many editors will argue the other way around. some editors will argue that a winged phœnix bird was the symbol of the egyptian god of truth, while the winged staff might symbolize the god horus, assuming that the staff was a symbol for his god. however, those are not things we can prove by science, so we are in a dilemma, as wikipedia editors.

in order to tell wikipedia what to write, we are calling in a new kind of editor, the math editor. these editors are called editors because they are "editors" of mathematical proofs. the editor is not there to be the next stephen wynn , no. what we have done is found a person who is good at writing mathematical proofs, and we want you to go out and find a mathematician, someone who can give us a mathematical proof on the symbolism of the winged phœnix bird, and the winged staff. once the mathematician gives us the proof that the phœnix bird and the staff are the same symbol, the editor will be happy to write the wikipedia page, and we will ask him/her to write the list of references at the bottom of the page, so that further references can be added by wikipedia editors. 3d9ccd7d82


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