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Abbyy Screenshot Reader For Mac

Abbyy Screenshot Reader For Mac ===

Abbyy Screenshot Reader For Mac

If you want to grab some text from an image file, Web site, presentation, or PDF you can quickly turn text areas into truly editable text that you can paste directly into an open application, edit or save as Microsoft Word or Excel documents. Screenshot Reader will convert the image of the screenshot into text.

Thank you ABBYY. This is a great screen reader with OCR. You select a area on the screen which contains text (even if it is on an image) and it translates it into text and places it on your clipboard. So far It has worked great for me. I use it to capture small amounts of text such as error messages.

ABBY Screenshot Reader is an efficient piece of software that helps you take and edit screenshots within any application on your PC. It uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to identify text in images or documents and creates an editable file from them. Therefore, you can edit the files or copy the text for use anywhere you want.

Once installed, ABBY Screenshot Reader will allow you take a photo of an area you have defined yourself. This can be a whole screen or just a small section of the active window. Taking a screenshot is very easy. In fact, the software offers numerous ways to achieve this; you can either take a screenshot immediately, take and edit a screenshot before saving, or set a timer (referred to as a Timed Screen) that will fire a screenshot after 5 seconds.

ABBY Screenshot Reader can capture screenshots of different sizes and export them to an e-mail message, save them to your computer, or save to the clipboard. It uses the Windows OS clipboard function to hold temporary data during copying.This application supports over one hundred and fifty languages, which enables it also to perform well even when you are dealing with other languages. In all these languages, it allows you to edit the screenshots conveniently.

Once you create a screenshot, you can export its contents to e-mails, XLS files, DOC files, RTF, .PNG, or .JPG. This makes it indeed handy in creating documents, adding facts to texts, incorporating infographics to reports, creating brochures, designing email templates, and creating lists in spreadsheets.

Getting ABBY Screenshot Reader for free is a great deal as it performs well. It has support for over 150 languages and provides an option to edit in any of these languages. You can schedule a screenshot or take it immediately depending on your preferences. It is a good software that will increase your productivity by saving you a lot of time that you could have used in editing the documents.

ABBYY Screenshot Reader is a very handy and efficient application which will let you capture a screenshot from your desktop and then read the text from it. After reading the text it will generate a readable file. It has been equipped with Optical Character Recognition functions which will let you detect the text in any of the source image as well as replicate it completely. You can also download Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Pro 2019.

ABBYY Screenshot Reader lets you capture the screenshots from the entire screen, a particular window or from a user defined area. It has also got Timed Screen function which when enabled will wait for 5 seconds before capturing the image. It has got support for more than 160 different languages. It allows you to capture two different types of screenshots i.e. image and text and each one of them with different output preferences. This application supports a very wide variety of output file formats like RTF, XLS, JPG and PNG to name a few. All in all ABBYY Screenshot Reader is an imposing application which will allow you to capture screenshot from your desktop and then read the text from it. You can also download GiliSoft Screen Recorder Pro 2019.

OCR stands for optical character recognition, and it is a mechanical or electronic conversion of images into machine-encoded text. Or, in this case, screenshots from web, print, or scanned images tha


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