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Pioneer Lcd Televisions [VERIFIED]

Earlier this year, Pioneer announced they would exit the plasma manufacturing business. They will continue to design and sell plasmas, but will be buying the plasma glass itself from Panasonic. But perhaps more surprising was the announcement that they would begin selling LCD televisions, in a partnership with Sharp, under the Pioneer KURO brand. The inky deep black levels on KURO plasmas is something that's difficult to match with LCD technology so the announcement was met with some skepticism in the CE journalism community.

pioneer lcd televisions

We spotted the first three models in the KURO LCD HDTV line at the CEATEC show in Japan this week, and while they may not have completely lived up to their "KURO" namesake, they did look pretty impressive. In three sizes: the 32-inch KRL-32V, 37-inch KRL-37V and 46-inch KRL-46V, Pioneer's KURO LCD televisions will be introduced for the European market this year. Each features a Pioneer-designed anti-reflective screen which enhances black levels, 100 Hz processing for improved motion reproduction (the equivalent of 120 Hz processing in the US) and a wide viewing angle of 176 degrees.

An employee reacts in front of Pioneer Corp's plasma televisions at an electric home appliances shop in Tokyo March 4, 2008. Japan's Pioneer Corp is finalizing plans to stop all production of plasma display panels in a bid to turn around its loss-making flat TV operations, an industry source briefed on the plan said on Tuesday. REUTERS/Toru Hanai

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Sony, which helped pioneer the Blu-ray Disc in the early 2000s, is also releasing Blu-ray movies enhanced for 4K starting this spring. In the summer the company plans to launch a distribution service for its 4K movies, which will be available as an add-on to the hard-disc servers.

TCL has been a pioneer in the Mini LED industry since 2018, and will keep moving forward with significant technology improvements on its brand-new TCL Mini LED models, to offer a better viewing experience to users around the world. Apart from being a beloved TV brand, TCL has also successfully reinforced its multi-category range to create full connected home using the best of technology for consumers. In 2022, TCL will accelerate its domestic appliances strategy in Europe and provide a growing line-up of home lifestyle products to meet the consumers' new expectations for healthy living and an easier life at home.

De Gennes earned the Nobel Prize for exploring the behavior and formation of complex materials as they transition from order to disorder and applying his findings to explain the behavior of a wide range of the basic matter in nature and technology. His work focused on liquid crystals and polymers, which are long chains of molecules. Specifically, de Gennes advanced our understanding of polymer movement, enabling better control of polymers such as plastic, rubber, and even DNA. He also disclosed how liquid crystals transform from a transparent to an opaque state, the principle enabling the use of liquid-crystal displays (LCDs) common in computer screens and flat-screen televisions. On a larger scale, de Gennes showed that equations pertaining to one form of matter could be applied to another even if the physical properties were completely different.

In recent years, the Laser TV industry is rapidly maturing in terms of technological innovation, value chain, and market recognition. As a pioneer in the industry, Hisense has been consistently driving the innovation and development of Laser display, which is a significant initiative to achieve ultra-high definition display and an outstanding solution to enhance consumers' lifestyles.

Eric Elia is Managing Director of Cainkade, a software design and development studio based in New York and Oakland. He joined Cainkade in 2012 after over 10 years as a pioneer in the online video space. He was part of the founding team at Brightcove where he first oversaw product design, then founded and ran the in-house consulting business. Previously, he led the design, development and strategy for the Comcast online service. Follow Eric on Twitter @ericelia and Cainkade @cainkade. 041b061a72


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