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We received both excellent customer service and a quality, custom copper range hood from CopperHoods for our client. As a construction and design firm, we interact with a number of manufacturers and suppliers. Ordering a custom product with extremely detailed specifications can be a challenging situation. Adam, was professional and prompt in his responses to our requests. When asked, he provided the details necessary for us to complete construction elements on the job site prior to the delivery of the custom range hood. We were thrilled with how the hood looked once installed. However, our biggest joy came from our client explaining it's one of the favorite features of their new house.

range hood direct buy coupon

I looked at several options for purchasing a copper hood, but I was most impressed with because of their incredible selection, wide range of finish options, and easy ordering process. If you know what you want, the entire thing can be done online. But Adam was also very helpful in nailing down the final details. My hood arrived and the construction dudes all commented how well made and sturdy it is.

One of the most elegant and timeless centerpieces of any kitchen design is an expertly crafted range hood made of high-quality materials. Beyond the practical aspect of keeping your kitchen free of cooking fumes and lingering odors, a custom range hood adds style to your kitchen, unlike any other appliance.

CopperHoods has an extensive offering of custom range hoods handmade from the highest quality 16-gauge, non-porous copper. We finish them with a baked-on clear coat to ensure the lustrous glow doesn't dull over time. There's virtually no maintenance required - just an occasional light cleaning with warm water and soap is all that's needed to keep your hood looking beautiful.

No matter your style, chances are we have a range hood that will fit your kitchen perfectly. From traditional to contemporary, American farmhouses to Italian villas, our range hoods cover all the classics and can be easily customized with the addition of straps, rivets or bars. Overwhelmed? Work directly with a master designer to craft your hood. If you can dream it, we can make it.

The short answer is: Yes, you need a range hood. The more debatable questions are what kind of range hood will work for your space, and how big should one be for the cooking that happens in your kitchen?

In addition to dispersing the lingering cooking smells clogging the air, range hoods direct the equally unseen particles of grease and food up into the filters and ductwork. This helps keep them away from the cooktop and counters, minimizing the amount of crusty, cooked-on, food-mess to clean up from the backsplash tile and other surrounding surfaces.

Many range hoods offer bulbs or light panels under the hood, aimed down at the cooktop. This adds convenience to your meal prep and cleanup by putting the light right where you need it, over the working space as you cook.

Range hoods are an improvement and investment in your home. They add safety and access when dealing with the dark corners of the back-lit burners. They remove hazardous materials from the air and minimize the accumulation of cooking grime. In other words, range hoods are in demand. Having a range hood properly installed in the kitchen is an option that many home buyers are looking for as standard.

Because every kitchen is different, range hoods have been designed to fit a variety of spaces and tasks. There are a few general standards to be sure a range hood covers when looking for the best fit. This helps narrow down the right hood for the job on the first try, rather than make-do with a product that is less than perfect.

Recirculating range hoods are also referred to as ductless range hoods, as some types are not connected to pipes or ducts required to channel the air outside. They are designed with the intent of cleaning the air and disposing of odors before releasing it back into the room. Under-cabinet range hoods are a prime example of recirculating ventilation.

When the cooktop is in the middle of the kitchen, the airflow demands on the range hood are slightly different. Island range hoods cover a larger, more direct surface area without the assistance of walls to help channel the heat and moisture. These hoods are ducted into the ceiling to pull the contaminated air, smoke, and fumes directly out of the home. The shape of an island hood is similar to the wall-mounted range hoods - wide at the base and narrow at the top - but the island hood will be designed for 360-degree viewing to draw the eye as a stylish feature of the kitchen.

Plan to add an extra 95 CFM of power to the rating of your range hood, in addition to the greater of the CFM rating results of either the room size, stove size, or burner BTU required CFM. In our previous examples, the room size requires a minimum of 200 CFM, while the electric stove requires 250 CFM, and the gas stove requires 400. In that instance, to account for the draft of an external vent, an 800 CF kitchen area with an electric stove would require a 345 CFM or higher range hood, while the gas stove would require a 495 CFM or higher range hood.

It goes without saying that in order to remove air from a room, there must be a simultaneous replacement source. For most homes, this is handled by an open floor plan, air leakage around doors and windows, and/or more specialized ventilation. For others, a high-powered range hood can pull too much air from the room, impacting other areas of the house and pulling air from sources like the chimney, HVAC, or laundry exhausts. This is commonly referred to as backdrafting.

Basic kitchen safety still applies, even with a range hood. Keep in mind that cooking over open flame is still inherently dangerous, even in the kitchen. Gas fires can flare up by stoking the flames with extra airflow, so always be careful when cooking over gas ranges, especially those with range hoods. Automatic, heat-sensing range hoods are very useful, but they are not a solution for cooking fires. Here are a few other important considerations for safety when you choose a new range hood for your kitchen.

The shorter the distance of ducting pipe the dirty air has to travel through, the more effective the range hood will be at pushing the air out. That means, if at all possible, there should be no more than two 90-degree angle bends between the stove top range and the vent outside of the home.

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