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Ace Of Base - Never Gonna Say Im Sorry

We're entering a new, unknown era of Twins baseball. Joe Mauer retired, leaving a hole at first base and in the hearts of every Twins fan. There's a new manager at the helm, with Rocco Baldelli taking over for Paul Molitor. And, perhaps most shocking of all, the team is going to win the 2019 American League Central. Oh, sorry, did I bury the lede?That's right: The Indians' era of Central dominance is over, and, in the short window before the White Sox rise with a full bouquet of young talent, 2019 is the year for those two weird dudes who are perpetually shaking hands:

Ace of Base - Never Gonna Say Im Sorry

No longer is it largely (it was never entirely) "to the best team goes the spoils." It is now, "the best organizations have the most chances of getting the spoils." Back in the day before the divisional era, baseball's 2nd-3rd best organizations often came away with nothing to show for it over long periods of time.

In game 5 Bill Bucker hit a single with no outs down by a run in the top of 8th. The single gets by Billy North and Buckner goes to second base for some reason he tried to go to third base and R. Jackson backing up North threw Buckner out at third. I'm always surprised that play is never brought when discussing bone head plays in WS play.

I never doubted Chuck's knowledge about actually playing baseball or that his knowledge about hitting, fielding, base-running, and pitching was superior than my knowledge on the subject. For example he could spot dozens of little nuances about the topic of hitting; hands-arms-feet positions. 041b061a72


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