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Go-Go Club Riddim: A Dancehall Hit by Russian

The Go-Go Club Riddim is a popular dancehall riddim that was produced by Russian, the head of Head Concussion Records, in 2009. A riddim is a musical pattern or rhythm that serves as the basis for different songs by various artists. The Go-Go Club Riddim features 12 tunes by some of the biggest names in the dancehall scene, such as Vybz Kartel, Tarrus Riley, Aidonia, Demarco, Elephant Man, and more. The riddim is named after the go-go clubs, which are nightclubs where dancers perform on stage or in cages, often wearing skimpy outfits and high heels.

The Go-Go Club Riddim has a catchy and upbeat tempo, with a prominent synth melody and a heavy bass line. The riddim is influenced by hip hop and electro music, as well as the dancehall culture of Jamaica. The songs on the riddim cover various topics, such as partying, sex, money, and women. Some of the most popular songs on the riddim are:

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  • Go-Go Club by Vybz Kartel: This is the title track of the riddim, and one of the most successful songs by Vybz Kartel, who is widely regarded as one of the best dancehall artists of all time. The song is about Kartel's admiration for the go-go dancers, and how he enjoys spending money on them at the club. The song has a catchy chorus and witty lyrics, such as "She a wine like a gypsy / She a wine like she tipsy / She a wine like she have nothing to lose / She a wine like she love me".

  • Bike Back by Blak Ryno: This is another hit song by Blak Ryno, who was formerly a member of Vybz Kartel's Portmore Empire group. The song is about Ryno's sexual prowess and his preference for women who can ride him like a bike. The song has a fast-paced flow and a catchy hook, such as "She know fi ride pon di bike back / She know fi balance pon di bike back / She know fi wheelie pon di bike back / She know fi pop style pon di bike back".

  • Di Trees by Tarrus Riley and Aidonia: This is a collaboration between two of the most versatile and talented artists in the dancehall scene, Tarrus Riley and Aidonia. The song is about their love for marijuana, which they refer to as "di trees". The song has a smooth and melodic vibe, with harmonious vocals and clever wordplay, such as "We love di trees / We nuh love di breeze / We love di leaves / We nuh love di bees / We love di cheese / We nuh love di tease / We love di ease / We nuh love di squeeze".

The Go-Go Club Riddim is available for download in zip format from various online platforms . The zip file contains all 12 tunes in mp3 format, as well as the instrumental version of the riddim. The Go-Go Club Riddim is one of the most popular and influential riddims in the dancehall genre, and it showcases the creativity and diversity of the Jamaican music scene.


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