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Line Of Sight: Vietnam

The game is set during the Vietnam War, following the story of Private Chris Egan, a United States Army Special Forces ("Green Berets") soldier and his squad members, operating deep behind enemy lines.

Line of Sight: Vietnam

It's hard to judge how good their Al is because you hardly ever see them. They, however, are blessed with every AimBot going, and can spot you and pummel you with bullets no matter how far away or well camouflaged you are. This makes the game walk a fine line between the addictive difficulty of Hidden & Dangerous - it has a similar squad control system, without the tactics - and utter desperation at such blatant cheating. Still, the jungle looks good (greener and more realistic than in Vietcong, though suffering from a lack of variety) while the emphasis on stealth racks up the tension.

What is known about SOG operations is that they consisted of (but were not limited to) reconnaissance, sabotage, raids and ambushes, prisoner snatches, and rescues of downed pilots and POWs. These are, naturally, the type of missions you'll be playing in the game as well. But even though you'll be behind enemy lines, and in the most hostile of environments, you won't be working alone. Similarly to what they did in Deadly Dozen 2, nFusion have once again included team AI to help you along the way. The number of your squad mates will vary depending on the mission, but there will be only a few of those where you'll get to solve matters on your own. As in nFusion's previous games, your buddies will play a key role, as they'll often watch your six and provide covering fire when things get really hairy. Given the fact that nFusion has already had plenty of experience in designing similar titles, it was to be expected that the team AI would work rather well, and it did; for the most part... Your squad mates use basic squad tactics and will do their best to cover your flank and rear. They will, however, get stuck on an odd object or two, and don't always know how to follow you up or down the stairs. Overall, they seem to have a lot of problems with confined spaces, but in an open jungle they are quite effective. Nonetheless, the fact that I had to baby-sit them to the designated location a couple of times didn't enhance my enjoyment of the game any.

Weapon properties in Line of Sight keep the action more intense, which is a good thing. Although the game is supposedly a sneaker shooter, I have found the gameplay to be a lot more action-oriented than that. The characteristics of the 3D engine allow for very dense jungle settings with even more vegetation than in Soldier of Fortune 2. The idea of this is to provide a setting where the line of sight would play a crucial role during combat. In a way, this is how it plays out, as it will be much harder for Vietcong to gun you down when you're crouched in some thick grass (you can go pron, btw). Still, the enemy AI is too accurate and environmentally aware sometimes, which kind of makes it impossible to sneak past them effectively. I swear there were a few incidents when even a lemming would have troubles spotting me, but they did somehow. During one of the night missions, an enemy soldier from about 150 yards away gunned me down even though he had no night vision equipment and it was pitch black outside. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I doubt that even Vietcong knew the jungle terrain that well. Apart from this drawback, the AI acts believably enough, as they will duck for cover, retreat and use flanking tactics when they can. They will also try to take full advantage of the terrain.

Experience the fine line between life and death. Line of Sight: Vietnam is awesome gameplay that can bring out the best of the players. Each mission is important and you cannot skip the challenges. The world of Line of Sight: Vietnam is full of enemies and the fate of your character is in your hand.

Line of Sight: Vietnam is available for a small price on the following websites, and is no longer abandonware. provides the best release and does not include DRM, please buy from them! You can read our online store guide .

zdroj:tisková zpráva Je až trochu s podivem, že se akční hry zasazené do atraktivního prostředí vietnamského konfliktu objevují až v této době. Pokud bychom měli hledat příčinu, skončili bychom možná u faktu, že teprve výkon dnešních počítačů a především grafických karet uvnitř je takový, že dovoluje vývojářům ztvárnit prostředí tamní džungle na patřičné úrovně. Není tedy pochyb, že se během následujících let dočkáme hodně akčních her s touto tématikou. První z nich již přicházejí... Není to kupodivu napjatě očekávaný český Vietcong, který se co nevidět objeví v prodeji, ale hra nazvaná Line of Sight: Vietnam. Její vývoj byl velmi rychlý a nenápadný, což ovšem nutně neznamená, že by to muselo být na škodu. Za hrou totiž stojí firma N-fusion Interactive, která se proslavila svými nízkorozpočtovými hrami, především pak sérií Deadly Dozen. Druhý díl této série s podtitulem Pacific Theater se objevil na konci loňského roku a byl přijat vcelku kladně, a to právě především s přihlédnutím k nízkým nákladům na vývoj a koncovou cenu. • Deadly Dozen v jiném kabátě Pokud jste četli naší recenzi, pak víte, že se děj hry odehrával za druhé světové války v tichomořských džunglích, což je ideální základ i pro vietnamské prostředí. Pak se již nemusíme divit, že vývoj Line of Sight: Vietnam trval necelé tři měsíce - prostředí přejali z Deadly Dozen, z japonských protivníků udělali nepřátele vietnamské (pro nás jsou to šikmé oči tak jako tak), změnili trochu zbraně a náplň misí a vývoj hry byl u konce. Celé to bylo urychleno i proto, aby hra vyšla dřív, než Vietcong, což je klasická marketingová strategie. Takové alespoň byly moje domněnky před začátkem hraní této hry. Pojďme se podívat, nakolik se vyplnily.

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The close combat mission area relates to weapons and equipment that are used to bring direct, line-of-sight fire upon the enemy. Usually infantrymen or frontline troops are assigned to this job and given the task of engaging and destroying the enemy. One way in which these soldiers accomplish their mission is with superior equipment that allows them to gain an edge over their adversaries. The weapons for the close combat mission include tanks, antitank and antiarmor weapons, helicopters, rifles, and mortar systems. Among these, the following major weapons systems have undergone improvements during this fiscal year.

The Army has a new standardized combat rifle. The newcomer is the M16A2 rifle, the improved version of the M16A1 The latest model of the semiautomatic rifle is a lightweight (8.9 pounds), air-cooled weapon that has already become the Army's primary combat rifle. Its improvements include iron sights; pistol grip; and optical, infrared, and thermal sights on the same visual axis as the iron sights. The weapon's accuracy was improved by replacing the full automatic capability with a three-round burst control; incorporating an improved muzzle compensator and heavier barrel; and using heavier 5.56-caliber ammunition. The Army issued the M16A2 to frontline troops in November 1986. The remainder of the Army will continue to use the earlier model M16A1 until stocks are depleted or the older weapons wear out. Henceforth the Army will purchase only the M16A2, and in FY 1987 the Army purchased 76,235 such rifles.

Deep operations project combat power behind enemy lines to destroy or disrupt the second- and third-echelon enemy reinforcements. Deep attacks isolate the battlefield and confine the battle to participants who are engaged actively in close combat. They accomplish this through the use of weapons that deny the enemy the ability to reorganize, move reserves, or escape. The major objectives of 041b061a72


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