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We may overlook the next four hundred years, during which sundry vainattempts were made to repeat the great experiment more successfully. Let uspass on to the first true individual of the fourth human species. He wasproduced in the same artificial manner as his forerunners, and was designedupon the same general plan. His mechanical and chemical machinery, however, wasfar more efficient; and his makers expected that, owing to careful adjustmentsof the mechanisms of growth and decay, he would prove to be immortal. Hisgeneral plan, also, was changed in one important respect. His makers built alarge circular "brain-turret" which they divided with many partitions,radiating from a central space, and covered everywhere with pigeon-holes. By atechnique which took centuries to develop, they induced the cells of thegrowing embryonic brain to spread outwards, not as normal hemispheres ofconvolutions, but into the pigeon-holes which had been prepared for them. Thusthe artificial "cranium" had to be a roomy turret of ferro-concrete some fortyfeet in diameter. A door and a passage led from the outer world into the centreof the turret, and thence other passages radiated between tiers of littlecupboards. Innumerable tubes of glass, metal and a kind of vulcanite conveyedblood and chemicals over the whole system. Electric radiators preserved an evenwarmth in every cupboard, and throughout the innumerable carefully protectedchannels of the nerve-fibres. Thermometers, dials, pressure gauges, indicatorsof all sorts, informed the attendants of every physical change in this strangehalf-natural, half-artificial system, this preposterous factory of mind.

Download Versatile Divergence Indicator (Nova Indicators) rar



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