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[Lordi] The Daily Life Of The Immortal King S3 ...

Seemingly looking down on his former pride as a crusader, Crowley's views of humans also apparently extend to resenting them for their evil. Clearly being uncomfortable when he speaks about his human life, Crowley expresses disgust when he refers to humans as having killed more than vampires. Despite having fed on humans remorselessly, Crowley has stated that he has never killed even a single human as a vampire. The implication is that while he drained them of a great deal of their blood he has not directly killed a human, yet his has little to say on the injuries he has inflicted on them. He does not hold back when fighting humans when they assault Chess and Horn at the attack on Nagoya, he sweeps Hyakuya Sect agents off the walls at Shibuya. While Crowley has moments of finding matters unpleasant, he is still very much a warrior with the willingness to fight.

[Lordi] The Daily Life of the Immortal King S3 ...



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